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'Big Brother, I See You': Ideology and Surveillance in Film

For this week’s meLecture, I decided to focus solely on assignment advice through a few more in-seminar open discussions. I was hoping it would be one fifteen minute video max, but once we got going (and even after some fine editing) I couldn’t avoid having two parts… then again, less is not always more in some areas :)

Hope this helps!


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Naturalising New Media: Cultural Representations of the Digital World

This week’s meLecture takes us into Module 3: ‘Mediating New Media’. The videos survey representations of digital media across a number of genres, including novels, console games, board games (or at least one board game, as there aren’t many examples that fit with our focus here – which is significant in itself), and feature films… I’m currently typing this post while watching Aaron Eckhart have…

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The Future of the Past: Digital Heritage, Visitor-Viewsers, and Virtual Museums

I broke a personal record this week and actually made a meLecture in four parts. This wasn’t entirely intentional, but when you have a conversation with an industry practitioner who is saying brilliant things, vicious editing just feels, well, offensive! So you’ll have to forgive my audio-visual ‘verbosity’, but while I generally focus on quality over quantity, I think that in this case, the…

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New Media and the Law: From Sexting to Trial by Social Media

Latest blog post containing the meLecture on the topic ‘New Media and the Law: From Sexting to Trial by Social Media’

At the upcoming field trip to the Jewish Holocaust Centre, feminist media scholar Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watsonis going to deliver what I’m sure will be a riveting guest lecture on the complexities of how digital media has recently intersected (often in a problematic way) with potential and actual legal proceedings. A ‘teaser’ for this lecture – which I highly recommend you access before attending the…

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Sexing Up New Media: From Online Dating to Porn

Sexing Up New Media: From Online Dating to Porn

Maybe I’m coming across as over-(cyber)sexed, but there’s so much interesting stuff to talk about in relation to this topic and I have one more issue for you!

One issue I didn’t touch on in any of the other material so far is highlighted by the title of a 2009 science-fiction film starring Bruce Willis. Surrogatesis an intriguing depiction of how sexuality might be (?) mediated in the near(ish)…

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Welcome to Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning

A short welcome video for students of ALC101 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning, a first-year undergraduate unit in Media Studies at Deakin University. Many thanks to Jessie Wilkie, Deb Waterhouse-Watson, and Tiffany for their time, patience, and assistance in making this film.

Board Games, Digital Media, and Public ‘Participation’: A Conference Presentation Snapshot

This video contains part of a conference paper I co-authored with Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson titled ‘Playful Publics as “Game-Makers”?: Digital Media, Producers, and the (R)evolution of Board Gaming’, which was delivered at the Contemporary Publics International Symposium, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, on 24 February 2014.

Board Games, Digital Media, and Public ‘Participation’

Board Games, Digital Media, and Public ‘Participation’

Has digital media innovation brought about a revolution in the board gaming industry? Has the crowdfunding site Kickstartr (previously called ‘Kickstarter’ until they forgot how to spell) fundamentally changed the way in which tabletop games are designed and produced? Has the distinction between ‘designers’ or ‘producers’ and the gamers who consume and play their products been obliterated?


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